The Shackleton was named after one of the last great gentleman explorers , Sir Ernest Shackleton.
A south pole explorer, who’s adventures are as incredible as they are legendary.
We at The Shackleton make kits, for gentlemen and fair ladies alike, that have a sentiment of the great old days of adventure and exploring, the kits are put together to the special desires of the person it is intended for.
The vintage suitcases, backpacks, trunks or boxes are filled with items that are related to the recipient’s passions .
We make sure that all the authentic pieces in the kit are usable so that it itself is not only an item for presentation and conversation, but also remains a custom made usable kit, personalized and unique.
We build the kits as an unique piece, there will never be two identical kits, this is also why each kit is numbered.
Each kit also bears with its content a mystery or a (secret) story, only to be discovered or to be retold by the new owner of this one of a kind kit.
And so the adventure begins.