Curated design jewelry
Form over the substance
Where the waves gently touch a certain inch of the west French coast and the ocean breeze shapes the sand there’s a Line free geometry, unexpected creation it’s Pyla’s dune.
Pyla is a non-industrial and non-ephemeral line of accessories. Design is the intrinsic value of each item, uniquely handcrafted from the encounter between pure shape and raw materials.
Metals, ropes, expertly assembled, become creations for precious identities who mistrust the trappings, believe in the essential and embrace a solid style, that lasts in time.
Pyla is born from travelling, from capturing and translating emotions into an innovative and unique style of forms able to put together East and West also in fashion. The artisan production guarantees the unicity of every single piece respecting the formal and stylistic autonomy of each model.
Silvia is the mind behind Pyla, enthusiastic traveller, tireless creator, she lives and observes fashion between Rome and Paris.
The incredible sand dune which lays near Bordeaux inspired her: it’s a space of invention, you can gently slip on it, with a free spirit, changing its shape.
Shape that is the beating heart of this project. A jewel which arises from the design, which owes nothing to structural preciousness, to the fixed value of a stone, and which has no claim but to give a new enthusiasm to the person, already precious and already complete, who choses it.
Together with Silvia are working young, strongly motivated people, with different skills but sharing a common ideal of fashion, original, with an high stylistic impact.
Different creativities sharpened at international level along with unique experiences, make Pyla a stylistic line absolutely new, with no space or time location, and therefore, not subdues to fashion and time passing.